Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Flowering Bulbs Part 2

Just pictures this week.  Late February and March is the peak time for this collection under my conditions.  Many more to come.

Androcymbium ciliolatum

Gladiolus tenellus.  Not super showy, but elegant and dainty with an almost overpowering fragrance reminiscent of Primula xpolyantha

Close-up of Cyclamen rolfsianum.  This has flowered September/October that past two years.  Endemic to Libya.

Cyclamen rolfsianum

Phaedranassa dubia.  Flowers produced only after distinct dry period.

 Tecophilea cyanocrocus.  Grows easily when planted deeply (about 1 inch above the bottom of the container) and given a long, shaded, dry period.  

Tecophilea cyanocrocus and T. cyanocorcus var. leichtlinii (or 'Leichtlinii' or Leichtlinii).  I have had these plants for 5 years and managed to make pollinations between them.  The seedlings may be large enough to bloom next year.  The fragrance of these plants is fantastic.

Romulea sabulosa.  The flower petals appear to have been cut from colored tin and have a distinct metallic sheen.

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